Natural Hair Care & Braiding

The primary purpose of this course is to train students in Natural Hair Care and Braid techniques. The course is designed to help students with career development; technical skills; good work ethics; effective communication skills; business knowledge; the need to deliver worthy services; and to provide current knowledge related to trends and methods in providing natural hair care services.

The course includes 55 hours of hands-on training. Upon completion of the course students will receive a certification in Natural Hair Care and Braiding.

Cosmetologists, barbers, braiders and others desiring to learn and/or enhance their knowledge and skills would greatly benefit from this course of study.

Knowledge and Theory

  • Bacteriology and Sanitation (2 hours)
  • Client Consultation (1 hour)
  • Hair Analysis (2 hours)
  • Hair and Scalp Diseases/Disorders (2 hours)
  • Basic Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition (1 hour)
  • Product Knowledge (3 hours)


  • Natural Hair Styling
    • Two-strand twists
    • Flat Twist
    • Comb Coils
    • Rodding
    • Flat Ironing
  • Hair Extensions
    • Cornrows
    • Hair weaving
    • Kinky Twist
    • Single Braids
  • Hair Locking
    • 3 Basic Technique Methods
    • 5 Developmental Stages
    • Lock Maintenance and Grooming
    • Lock repair

Full Program – 55 hours – $2,000