Norman Burton – Director/Master Instructor

Norman Burton

Norman Burton, Director/Master Instructor

Mr. Burton, as he is referred to by his students, staff and colleagues, is committed to education. He’s most comfortable and right at home in the classroom. For over thirty years, Mr. Burton has taught primary and secondary education, as well as assisted young adults in making the transition from students to professionals. Currently, he conducts employment training, facilitates workshops and seminars, stimulating audiences with his wit, charm and intellect. Motivational and inspirational are words often used to describe him.

A professional social worker by trade, Mr. Burton is experienced in behavior health and promotes overall health awareness and well being to diverse cultures. His wide range of skills and personal competences create learning opportunities to enhance self-development.






LaFarn Burton – Founder/Owner/Dean

LaFarn Burton

LaFarn Burton, Dean/Founder

Dignity, elegance, courage, faith filled, and strength are all words that describe LaFarn Burton. LaFarn Burton referred to, as “Mrs. LB.” by her students is co-founder and Dean of LB Beauty Academy. She lives by her faithfulness. A visionary and trendsetter, Mrs. Burton created an environment with goals to create learning for others to realize their dreams.

She sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible. Her goal is to empower students and existing professionals with the skills, tools and resources needed to succeed in the beauty business.  Mrs. LB allows learning at your level combining your talent, knowledge and skills to create an individualized learning plan with an objective to encourage students, alumni and salon professional to embrace a lifetime of learning.

She provides consultant services to a number of small business. LaFarn is skilled in the creation and implementation of comprehensive training programs that enhance student satisfaction and professional development. She is extremely motivated and results-driven professional with exceptional communication skills.